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To be a leader that inspires all Guilford County cities and towns to work together as one voice and to make decisions that will benefit the majority.



Fair and Balanced Tax Approach

As a conservative, I believe in less tax burden for citizens and trimming expenditures of county government. Tax payers deserve a commissioner that will consider all implications, before voting against or for any tax increases or reductions. We must place “Need” before “Want” and make decisions that will give us the best livable outcome for Guilford County citizens.  Education, Infrastructure, Pubic Safety and Economic Development all play an important role in developing a well-rounded county budget.


Our children deserve to attend schools that are in safe structural condition. Commissioners and the public are facing tough decisions on funding for repairs, renovations and construction of new school buildings. Many of our school buildings were constructed 50-100 years ago.  The first estimate of 2 billion dollars cannot be funded completely with the current tax base.

As a licensed building contractor, I have over 30 years of experience in new building construction and renovations. As a commissioner, I would study the current estimates and provide insight of critical need, vs. enhancements regarding the renovation and construction plan.

All school buildings must have safe, properly working heating, electrical and plumbing fixtures and also be free of mold. A long range plan for funding will be needed to address population growth and plans for the future. Future economic development will bring opportunities to increase the tax base, but funding is needed now from current sources.

Infrastructure and Economic Development

Guilford County is poised for rapid growth in the next 10 years. With the arrival of new businesses and industries comes an increase in population. The population growth will add stress for the county to keep up all services including public safety, human services and community services. We will also need to plan for more schools and teachers to maintain a high standard of education.

When considering awarding incentives or awarding loans to different sectors, we must bring more than minimum wage jobs to Guilford County. We need to increase opportunities in skilled labor, management, health care and other professions. In turn, higher paying jobs will increase our tax base with more dollars to support the increase in population.

Community and Health Services

All citizens should feel safe in their communities and have access to county services. A strong, thriving county addresses all issues that citizens face including: public safety; emergency management and response; crime prevention; affordable housing; health and social services. It is important for your commissioners to consider all options and weigh all needs, before making decisions on finance and budget. As your commissioner, I would encourage all of our elected local and county government officials to work together to find solutions and to provide programs and services that benefit all.

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